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Marketing Consultant Services

Sales Down? Low ROI? Let Us Take a Look. 

Quickly get back on track with Locomo Marketing Consultant service.

Are your current efforts in Digital Marketing heading in the right direction?

Not sure whether a marketing plan will become a lead generator or a financial drain?

Feeling like your marketing strategy may not be the most ideal?

Marketing Consultant at work
Marketing Consultant at Work.

Having an outside point-view-from a Marketing Consultant can add much value; especially when you hit a wall due to staffing issues, not having enough time, or just being stuck. 

Locomo Marketing will guide you in the areas where you need the most support. Whether it’s creating and implementing an effective marketing strategy, or building an efficient system that not only acquires new customers, it keeps them. Everything is tailored to fit your unique business and personal style of management.

After all, it’s about keeping that revenue stream going – so you can do what you do best to grow your business. 

Marketing Consultant Services

Marketing Consulting

We adopt a style that emphasizes collaboration, active listening, and knowing your business needs and challenges thoroughly. Instead of just offering instructions or off-the-shelf solutions, we take a consultative approach. We engage in dialogue with you, asking probing questions and working closely to pinpoint and implement the most effective strategies or solutions customized to your unique situation.

Gap Analysis

This analysis pinpoints areas where the company might miss its marketing goals or find room for enhancement. By conducting a gap analysis, businesses grasp their market position, customer needs, competition, and marketing strategies’ effectiveness. This insight fuels more targeted marketing plans, closing gaps and driving marketing success.

Project Based

Opting for a Marketing Consultant over full-time hires ensures dynamic expertise, adaptable to your project’s scope and timeline. It’s a cost-effective solution, offering specialized skills without the commitment of a permanent employee. With a Marketing Consultant, you access diverse industry insights and innovative strategies, staying ahead in a rapidly evolving market. 

What makes us different . . .

There’s one thing that makes us great at being marketing consultants: we have sales in our DNA as well. In fact, we have over 25 years of combined marketing and sales experience

And those past 25 years gave us an invaluable insight: you can’t be an effective marketer if you don’t understand sales . . . and vice-versa. Marketing and sales must work together if you want ongoing success in gaining new leads, acquiring more customers, and setting up a system to keep them.

But our years of experience have also shown us something else. Marketing fuels sales to be successful, because without sales, there isn’t a business. 

That’s why our team at Locomo Marketing is eager to help  businesses completely. With our unique insight into the powerful dynamic of marketing and sales, we can catch the things you’re missing when setting up an effective system that covers everything from prospecting to retention. We know how to find your weakest link and make it start working for you.

Simply put, we love using our years of marketing and sales experience to help make your job easier.  Most importantly growing your business.

Meet our Founder

Bill McGlynn

Bill started working with Digital Marketing when it was still in its infancy. Although he’s seen a lot of change in the industry after 25 years, one thing has stayed the same. There’s still a beating heart behind each business, committed to making a difference in the lives of its customers.

Perhaps that’s why Bill has spent the past 25 years of his career doing something he loves most: giving complimentary advice to entrepreneurs,  small business owners and corporations to help them grow – even if they’ll never need his services. In fact, his most fulfilling moments are hearing the words, “Thank you. This helps a lot!”  We make it our mission as marketing consultants to care. 

Have a project you'd like some extra guidance on?

When it comes to a successful plan, sometimes all it takes is another pair of eyes to scope it through and give you feedback. Before you launch that next project, we can help you save time, energy, and money by making sure you're on track to hit your intended goal. Hire a Marketing Consultant to do the work today.

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